• Energy Services Technician
    Meeker Cooperative Light and Power Association is accepting applications for an Energy Management Technician. MCLP provides electric and broadband services and bills about 9,100 accounts. Meeker is located in Litchfield, MN. The successful candidate will Serve as an energy advisor for new home construction and retrofit conversions for the installation of Meeker Cooperative’s energy management […]
  • Trimming Trees Around Power Lines
    We all love trees. We know everyone in our communities enjoys the beauty and shade trees provide. However, trees and power lines are a dangerous mix without regular trimming during the growing season. If you see us out in the community trimming, remember the many benefits it brings: Keeps power lines clear of tree limbs […]
  • How is Power Restored?
    Electricity is part of our everyday lives and we end up taking it for granted. We expect electric power to be there when we wake up to an alarm, brew our coffee, check our email, heat our water, cook our breakfast and nearly everything else we do throughout the day. Electricity is something we don’t […]
  • Severe Weather and Downed Power Lines
    Severe weather can cause damage to power lines and utility poles. You should take caution if you come across any downed power lines.  “If you see a downed power line, call 911 to report it immediately and stay away. There is no way to tell if a line is energized by looking at it. Always […]
  • Trip Wire Alerts from Heartland Security
    The latest security cameras from use video analytics technology that helps pinpoint only the events that matter to you. This technology can recognize the difference between important activity versus other events. Rather than get alerted every time something moves, you can set up your preferences to alert you for only what you want to see. With […]