• Vintage Co-op Safety Car From North Dakota Still on the Road in Ohio
    An old vehicle that logged thousands of miles on behalf of Basin Electric Power Cooperative in the 1960s has resurfaced in central Ohio. The Plymouth Suburban was one of the generation and transmission co-op’s first safety vehicles, purchased not long after Basin Electric was founded in 1961. “Some people think it’s likely this safety car was stationed […]
  • Three Workspace-Friendly Exercises
    Does it seem impossible to squeeze exercise into your daily routine? If so, you’re not alone! However, it’s actually easier than you think. Exercise is any activity that gets your body moving, and there are several exercises you can do at work to help you get energized and feel more positive and productive. Countless studies […]
  • The Power of Preparation
    With severe weather events occurring more frequently, now more than ever, it makes sense to be prepared. During a prolonged power outage or other emergencies, this means having enough food, water, and supplies to last at least a few days. In honor of National Preparedness Month in September, we want to remind members of our […]
  • Energy Savings Tip – Seal Air Leaks
    An easy way to save energy is to seal air leaks and holes where plumbing pipes run through walls in your home. You can also check wall-mounted cabinets for plumbing holes or air gaps in the back. Fill any holes or gaps with spray foam. Wear protective gloves and use a damp rag for cleanup. #30-11-232 […]
  • Avoid Distractions While Driving
    Some temptations are hard to resist. While driving, we typically hear that “ding” on our phone, alerting us to a text or call coming through, and we sometimes feel the urgent need to check it. We know we shouldn’t, but we reason that we’re going to make an exception––just this once.   So, why do […]