Meeker Cooperative is member-owned and governed by local leadership. Your Cooperative’s Board of Directors comprises nine Cooperative Members elected to serve from throughout the nine districts that make up the Cooperative’s service territory. Directors are elected by you, the Member-owners.

At the 2024 Annual meeting, the director seats in Districts 4, 7 and 9 are up for election following the normal rotation of districts. The District 5 seat is also up for election to fill the opening for that unexpired term. The seat for District 5 will also be up for election in 2025 as part of the prescribed rotation of districts.

These districts are made up of the following townships:

District 4: Litchfield and Greenleaf in Meeker County.

District 5: Fairhaven in Stearns, Cokato, Southside, French Lake in Wright, Dassel in Meeker

District 7: Collinwood, Cedar Mills in Meeker, Stockholm in Wright, Acoma, Hutchinson in McLeod

District 9: Forest City, Kingston, and North Kingston in Meeker County.

Members in these districts that are interested in being placed on the ballot, and meet the qualifications identified in the bylaws, must submit a completed Meeker Cooperative Application for Director Form by the close of business on April 5, 2024.

The process for director elections is outlined in the bylaws of the Cooperative.

All potential candidates must declare their intention to be placed on the ballot by submitting a completed Application Form and be declared qualified for placement on the ballot by the Qualifications and Election Committee (Q&E Committee). No write-in candidates shall be deemed valid.

The bylaws direct the Board of Directors to appoint a Qualifications and Election (Q&E) Committee consisting of one Member from each of the Director Districts which is not up for election. 28-06-315 It shall be the responsibility of the Q&E Committee to review all of the applications submitted and to determine that all candidates meet the stated qualifications.

The Committee will notify any potential candidate who does not meet the qualifications and allow seven days for the candidate to comply with said requirements. The decisions of the Q&E Committee will be final.

The Committee will have the authority to place qualified candidates on the ballot for election, and for any district in which there is only one candidate, waive the ballot process and declare the candidate elected.

The Qualifications & Election Committee shall prepare and post at the principal office of the Cooperative at least 75 days before the meeting the list of qualified candidates for director elections. 28-12-109 If no Member from a district up for election is placed on the ballot, said position shall be deemed vacant following the annual meeting and the Board of Directors may appoint a Member from said district to fill said position until the next annual meeting and election of directors.

For complete director election information, qualifications, and requirements, please visit www.meeker.coop. Under the Member Services tab on the left at the top of the home page, select “download forms” to find the packet or contact Mary Alice Holm at 320-693-3231 to request one be mailed to you.

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