Meeker Cooperative Board Members

Kevin Issendorf
President, District 4

Brad Donnay
Vice President, District 3

Karl Lundin
Secretary District 9

Mark Larson
Treasurer, District 6

Paul Bugbee
District 1

Karen Becker
District 2

Steve Plaisance
District 5

Randy Bryant
District 7

Larry Huhn
District 8

  • District 1 includes the townships of: Roseville, Irving in Kandiyohi County; Paynesville in Stearns County; Union Grove in Meeker County
  • District 2 includes the townships of: Eden Lake in Stearns County; Harvey, Manannah in Meeker County
  • District 3 includes the townships of: Luxemburg, Maine Prairie, South Maine Prairie in Stearns County; Forest Prairie in Meeker County
  • District 4 includes the townships of Litchfield and Greenleaf in Meeker County
  • District 5 includes the townships of Fairhaven in Stearns County; Cokato, Southside, French Lake in Wright County; Dassel in Meeker County
  • District 6 includes the townships of: Harrison, Kandiyohi, Gennessee, Fahlun, Lake Elizabeth, E. Lake Lillian in Kandiyohi County; Cosmos, Acton, Danielson, Swede Grove in Meeker County; Brookfield, Boon Lake in Renville County
  • District 7 includes the townships of: Collinwood, Cedar Mills in Meeker County; Stockholm in Wright County; Acoma, Hutchinson in McLeod County
  • District 8 includes the townships of: Darwin, Ellsworth in Meeker County
  • District 9 includes the townships of: North Kingston, Kingston, Forest City in Meeker County