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Meeker Cooperative Light & Power Association delivers electricity and other value-added services. We became a co-op in 1935 and continue to innovate to serve well into our future.

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We are a proud, Member-Owned non-profit cooperative and part of a network of more than 900 rural electric cooperatives across the country that share information, technological advances, and “best practices.” We all share the same values and principles that speak to hard work, sharing, innovation, integrity, and helping our fellow cooperatives and members. We are member-driven, community-focused, and forward-thinking. 

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Meeker Cooperative Light & Power Assoc.

3 days 8 hours ago

Look at this view of our service territory from the crews working on our Monopole tower near Dassel! #meekercoop #lineworkers #photofromthefield

Meeker Cooperative Light & Power Assoc.

4 days 35 minutes ago

In 2023, the Meeker County Ag Society received a $1,000 grant from Meeker Cooperative's Operation Round Up®. This grant helped furnish a new building on

Meeker Cooperative Light & Power Assoc.

4 days 8 hours ago

This week, Bo, Nathan, and Jane, discuss cyber security and our brand-new VIBRANT-U Cyber Security Event called Hackers, Scammers, and AI. They review what hacking

Meeker Cooperative Light & Power Assoc.

5 days 4 hours ago

Starting today, STAR Energy Services will be conducting inspections in the following townships: Kandiyohi, Gennessee, Acton, Fahlun, Lake Elizabeth, Danielson, Collinwood, Stockholm, East Lake Lillian,

Meeker Cooperative Light & Power Assoc.

5 days 12 hours ago

Understanding Your Electric Bill: The Fixed Charge At Meeker Cooperative, we believe in transparency, and we want you to be informed about your electric service

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