Meeker Cooperative Community Solar Garden


Meeker Cooperative is obligated by Minnesota Rules pts. 7835 to interconnect with and purchase electricity from any cogenerators and/or small power producers. We also are required to provide information free of charge to any and all members who may be interested in entering into an interconnection agreement with the Co-op.

In compliance with Minnesota adopted rules relating to cogeneration and small power production, all interconnections require an application and approval to become a qualifying facility. Click here for more information.

Solar Energy that is easy, affordable and available!

With the Meeker Member Solar Project, you can lease solar for 20 years:

  • without installing any equipment
  • without worrying about ongoing maintenance and repairs

The Co-op has constructed a 39.8 kW array with 96 410-watt panels. The output from these panels is available for lease by Meeker Co-op members who wish to do so.

Each panel is estimated to produce 582 kWh per year (average over 20 years). The total array output will total about 56,500 kWh annually. Production will vary from month to month and year to year. Generally, solar panels produce more energy in the summer and less in the winter, due to the hours of sunlight. The goal is to have this project financed by members who wish to participate in this solar array, and not by the general membership.

See the Current Array Output

What is Member Solar?

Member solar refers to an array that is built in one place to generate electricity from the sun, but the participants who share in the array’s production (kWh output) may live in different places, even far away from the physical location of the array. The participants may not be directly responsible for the care and maintenance of the solar garden, although they share in the benefit of what is produced.

How will the Co-op’s Member Solar Project work?

Meeker Cooperative has constructed the solar array at the site of the Litchfield Substation just northwest of the Co-op at the intersection of Hwy. 34 and Hwy. 24 near Litchfield. Meeker Cooperative owns, insures, and maintains the array.

Co-op members may subscribe to lease the kWh output of one or more panels. That entitles the member to all of the kilowatt-hours (kWh) generated by their share of the array for 20 years.

Benefits for the member:

  • Avoids the hassles of constructing, owning, insuring, and maintaining an array personally
  • Less costly for member than having array on their own property
  • Participation with other Co-op members in a solar project
  • Know a portion of their electricity is generated locally, from a renewable source of energy
  • Alternative for members who cannot have an array in their own yard due to site issues or cost
  • Long-term investment opportunity and hedge against rising electric rates in the future
  • Renters can purchase solar with this program
  • Lease solar from trusted local energy experts
  • Members may purchase a lease as a gift or legacy for member children or grandchildren

Benefits for Meeker Cooperative:

  • No cost shifting to members who do not participate. (Participants pay 100% of the project costs)
  • Opportunity to offer solar-generated kWh to members.
  • Allows employees to become educated on how solar works

How can a Member get involved if they wish?

Meeker Cooperative is excited for our members to be able to take part in this solar project if they choose to. Therefore, we have made it as simple and beneficial as we can by offering our members three 20-year leasing options:

  • Option #1:
    • Member pays $124.69 up front (As of October 2021)
    • Member pays 15 cents/kWh produced
  • Option #2:
    • Member pays $944.06 up front (As of October 2021)
    • Any kWhs produced is credited to the member’s account at the Co-op’s current applicable rate
  • Option #3:
    • Member pays $694.69 up front (As of October 2021)
    • Member receives a free 50-gallon super-efficient water heater w/mixing valve, or $500 credit toward a larger-capacity unit and goes on Meeker’s Peak Shave Water program
    • Member forfeits the $4 monthly Peak Shave bill credit
    • Any kWhs produced by the solar panel(s) is credited to the member’s account at the Co-op’s current applicable rate

For additional information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below, or contact us at the Co-op at 320-693-3231 and we will be happy to answer any question you have.