Security lights, sometimes called yard lights, are available to all customers who want an area or roadway illuminated from dusk to dawn. The LED security light is installed on an existing pole owned by Meeker Cooperative Light and Power Association.

Security Light Rates

Available to all customers who want a driveway or yard illuminated from dusk to dawn by a high-pressure sodium light on an existing pole. Meeker Cooperative will install and maintain your security light.

Rate (Billed monthly)

100 watt - Direct $10.75; Dispersed $14.75

250 watt - Direct $19.50; Dispersed $23.50

Decorative Lighting - 100 watt: $14.75
                                  250 watt: $23.50

All new installations will be LED lights.
73 watts: $10.75
108 watts: $19.50

Do you have questions regarding security lights? You can call our office or contact us here for more information.

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