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Curious About Electric Vehicles?

EV Resource Guide

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Our resource guide gives you information about the advantages electric vehicles offer. We show you a cost comparison between a typical EV and a vehicle with an internal combustion engine.

This guide also shows you maintenance savings, battery replacement costs, longevity, and what you should know before purchasing an EV.

Meeker Cooperative offers a rebate on specific EV chargers and reduced rates on electricity when used with our energy management program.

Electric Vehicle Resource Guide

Charge Your EV for Less!

Meeker Cooperative offers rebates and Energy Management rates so you can charge your electric vehicle for less.

Meeker Co-op EV Charger Rebate

Electric vehicle with charger plugged in

An all-electric vehicle will need a Level 2 charger. You’ll need to purchase the charger and have an electrician install it. You can have it hard-wired or use a dedicated outlet. Either way, you’ll need a 208/240 volt 40- or 50-amp dedicated breaker.

You will have the cost of a charging unit and the cost of the electrician to install it.

Meeker Cooperative offers a $500 rebate to members installing a Level 2 Charger. To qualify, you must be on our Energy Management controlled/interruptible power program. Only one rebate per household. Speak with an Energy Management Representative for full rebate qualifications.

Energy Management Rates

Your Level 2 charger will be metered separately at the current Energy Management Rate.


5.7 ¢ / kWh


6.2 ¢ / kWh

EV Resource Links

Here are some resources to learn more about electric vehicles.

Available EVs

Electric Vehicle Icon-Available in the US

Here is a list of electric vehicles that are available in the U.S.

MN EV Buyers

Electric Vehicle Icon-MN Buyers

This resource offers more information when considering buying an electric vehicle.

Ready to buy?

Electric Vehicle Icon-Ready to buy

Here is a list of salespeople recommended by Minnesota EV owners.

MN EV Owners

Electric Vehicle Icon-Minnesota EV owners

Connect with other Minnesota electric vehicle owners to share ideas and experiences.


Electric Vehicle Icon-Apartment Dwellers

Live in an apartment? This resource tells how to work with a property owner to install EV charging.

Public Chargers

Electric Vehicle Icon-Find Chargers

Find public chargers throughout Minnesota and the U.S.

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