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The purpose of offering energy management programs to our members is to reduce wholesale energy costs and provide members with a low-cost electric rate for space heating, cooling, water heating, and electric vehicle charging. The Energy Management Program shifts electrical demand and usage to times of the day when wholesale energy costs are less expensive.

Qualified Energy Management Loads

  • 240V hard-wired electric resistance heating systems (baseboard heaters, plenum heaters, boilers, unit heaters)
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Electric thermal storage heating systems
  • Central and ductless air conditioners
  • Electric water heaters with a minimum capacity of 50 gallons and 240V hard-wired
  • Level-2 or level-3 electric vehicle chargers

As an Energy Management Program participant, the undersigned MEMBER and MEEKER COOPERATIVE LIGHT & POWER ASSOCIATION (MCLP) agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. MCLP reserves the right to control energy management loads as needed to promote efficient operation of the Energy Management Program.

  2. MCLP will furnish and maintain the energy management control equipment that will remain the property of the cooperative. Installation of the energy management control equipment is the Member’s responsibility and will be installed according to the specifications of MCLP and the National Electric Code.

  3. Energy management equipment will be installed outside, with no enclosure, to allow MCLP access to cooperative equipment.

  4. The member represents that they are the owner of the location indicated on this form.

  5. The member is responsible for all additions, modifications, proper phasing, and maintenance of electrical equipment and wiring necessary to interrupt his/her energy management equipment.

  6. Wiring enclosures associated with energy management control will be sealed by MCLP. MCLP reserves the right to inspect all energy management equipment and associated wiring.

  7. For members enrolled on the dual fuel space heating program, the member is responsible for providing a qualified back-up heating system that is capable of adequately supplying heat to the entire area heated by the electric heating system during load-control periods. Qualified back-up heat sources are electric thermal storage, oil, or gas systems. *A wood heating system is NOT a qualified back-up heating system.

  8. The member understands that the energy management control equipment will permit the control or interruption of power to the qualified connected loads. The member will receive a reduced-rate in return for allowing MCLP to control the connected loads.

  9. MCLP is not responsible for claims resulting from either the satisfactory operation, faulty operation, or prolonged control of the energy management system.

  10. The member must remain on the energy management program for a minimum of five (5) years. If the member chooses to opt-out from the energy management program(s) within the first 5 years, any rebate or rebate credit received, will be prorated from the date of opt-in, and billed to the member. Additionally, the member cannot return to the energy management program for one (1) full year from the date of opt-out.

  11. The energy management equipment must be installed no later than 60 days from the date of delivery or pick of equipment. Once installation is complete, the member needs to contact the cooperative to schedule an energy management checkout. Failure to schedule a check out will result in the electric use on the energy management meter being billed at the regular service rate.

If you prefer, you can download the ENERGY MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT PDF, print and sign it, then drop it off or mail it to our office.


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