Meeker Cooperative is set to undertake an ambitious construction schedule this summer, focusing on enhancing the reliability and capacity of our distribution system. This year’s projects span approximately 16 miles, including the replacement of 11.3 miles of new conductor and an additional 4.8 miles of conductor replacement.

Among the primary projects are two significant 4-mile, three-phase upgrades. These projects are designed to address potential capacity issues and enhance the system’s overall robustness. Additionally, we plan to replace cable on several single-phase taps that have been prone to multiple faults, improving service reliability in those areas.

The importance of these construction projects cannot be overstated. Upgrading and maintaining the electric grid is crucial for ensuring consistent and reliable power supply to homes and businesses. As communities grow and demand for electricity increases, infrastructure improvements are essential to prevent outages and maintain service quality. By proactively addressing potential issues, Meeker Cooperative is investing in the future resilience of the grid, ensuring that members receive the dependable service they rely on.

Each year, engineers utilize advanced modeling software to identify lines most in need of upgrades, considering factors such as capacity requirements and voltage stability, especially during back feeds. Historical outage data also plays a crucial role, pinpointing areas where cable replacement is most urgent due to excessive faults.

Although the construction projects will span various locations, no specific areas or communities are expected to be significantly impacted. The Cooperative is committed to minimizing disruptions. For the two 4-mile projects, back feeding will ensure minimal interruption for members not directly on the line. Those directly affected can expect short outages during the cutover process, typically lasting less than two hours. The construction crews are trained to work on energized lines when necessary to maintain service continuity.

These upgrades are part of a four-year work plan, with a goal to complete the current projects by the end of 2024. While overhead construction continues year-round, underground projects are scheduled for periods when the ground is frost-free.

Through these efforts, Meeker Cooperative aims to significantly enhance the reliability and capacity of its electric grid, ensuring a more robust and dependable service for its members.

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