Find Your Location Number

Mar 17, 2021 | Community, News Bits

It has been an electric cooperative member tradition from the beginning, to look for your location number hidden among the pages and articles of the Meeker Cooperative Pioneer.

As we transition to a new Pioneer format and posting articles online, we continue with this tradition. You will still be able to look for your location number in the Meeker Cooperative Pioneer, but you will also be able to look for it throughout articles we post on our website in the Meeker Co-op News section.

Here, you will find many articles that don’t make it into the Pioneer due to space constraints. Plus, many timely articles are posted between the printed editions. Hiding location numbers amongst the articles gives some incentive to look for them, but we hope you’ll find the articles informative.

You will want to check often for new articles because they could be posted any time.

If you find your location number and claim it by calling (not emailing) Meeker Cooperative (320-693-3231) before the printed deadline in the Pioneer, you will have a $10 credit to your account. If you find your number and your information is correct in our system, you’ll receive a bill credit equal to one month’s output from a Member Solar panel.

The deadline is important for the online posted articles as well. Once that has passed, any location number in an article posted prior to the deadline becomes null and void.

Take some time to read the Meeker Cooperative Pioneer, as well as our posted articles, and you might find your location number hidden within the paragraphs. Good luck!