You pay for the electricity you consume each month, but there are additional factors that impact your energy bills.

Fuel Costs

Before electricity can be delivered to your home, it must first be generated at a power plant or from a renewable source. The cost of fuels used to generate electricity fluctuates, which is why you see a power or fuel charge on your monthly bill. This monthly charge covers cost fluctuations without having to continually restructure electricity rates.

Service Costs

Your bill includes a monthly service charge, which recovers part of the co-op’s ongoing investments in poles, wire, meters, system maintenance and additional costs necessary to provide electric service.


When temperatures soar or dip, your cooling or heating equipment must run longer and at maximum capacity, which can greatly increase your energy use. Extreme temperatures can also affect electricity market prices. When the need for electricity increases due to extreme heat or cold, the price of power typically rises.

Energy Consumption

This is the amount of electricity you use each month to power your home’s cooling/heating system, appliances, lighting, electronics and more.

The amount of electricity you consume is measured in kilowatt-hours or kWh. You have control over how much energy you use, which can ultimately help manage your monthly costs.

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