Meeker Cooperative has always been committed to improving our members’ quality of life. Since 1998, this tradition has continued through our community service program called Operation Round Up®.


Meeker Cooperative members and VIBRANT Broadband subscribers actively participate by opting to round up their monthly bill amounts to the nearest whole dollar. Employees can also participate by rounding down their paychecks. Through this simple gesture, members contribute a tax-deductible donation ranging from $.01 to $.99 per month, with a maximum annual contribution of $11.88. On average, each member’s yearly donation amounts to $5.78. Nevertheless, collectively, these seemingly modest contributions yield remarkable results: thousands of dollars in grants and scholarships.


In 2023, the Meeker County Ag Society (Meeker County Fair) was one of 45 local organizations to benefit from this grant program. They received a $1,000 grant to help furnish a new building on the fairgrounds, known as the Mother’s Room.

The Meeker County Agricultural Society, established in 1872, has been a cornerstone of community engagement for 151 years. This organization, known for the Meeker County Fair, showcases the talents of local FFA Chapters, 4-H Clubs, and residents, fostering unity across generations. The fair offers diverse entertainment options for all ages, making it a cherished annual event.

“Operation Round Up funds were strategically utilized to create a valuable addition to the fairgrounds – the Mother’s Room. This dedicated space provides parents with a comfortable area for breaks, attending to infants and young children, and managing diaper changes,” according to the Ag Society Board Treasurer, Loree S. “The room also serves as a refuge during hot weather, offering relief to guests experiencing heat exhaustion.”

Thanks to the Operation Round Up grant, the Meeker County Agricultural Society was able to furnish the Mother’s Room with essential items such as a changing table, mini fridge, end table, lamp, rocker, rug, and mirror.

“The impact of these funds has been significant, enhancing the fairgrounds and ensuring a more inclusive and comfortable experience for all attendees. 04-18-204 We extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the Meeker Cooperative Trust Board, VIBRANT subscribers, Meeker Cooperative members, and employees for their contributions towards the betterment of our Fairgrounds.”

Meeker Cooperative’s Operation Round Up® program has awarded $1,053,392 to local organizations and community service programs since its inception in 1998.

Operation Round Up® funds are given to local civic organizations and worthy causes through an application and selection process. The Trust meets three times per year to review applications and award grants. The application deadlines for 2024 are February 1, July 5, and November 7. The application and guidelines can be found here: www.meeker.coop/download-forms

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