In the heart of the Midwest, Powder Ridge Ski Resort stands as a testament to the enduring love for winter activities. Originating as a modest homestead in the 1950s, the resort has blossomed into a cherished destination for snow enthusiasts. As we navigate through the history, offerings, and future aspirations of Powder Ridge, it becomes evident that this is more than just a ski resort – it’s a community, a tradition, and a hub for all things winter.

Powder Ridge Ski Resort began its journey during the 1954-1955 season, with a small group of investors, a single rope tow, and a handful of runs. Over the years, the Resort has undergone significant transformations including more runs, multiple chair lifts, a chalet expansion, and new owners. Despite these changes, Powder Ridge has maintained its welcoming hometown atmosphere, providing visitors with a sense of belonging that transcends time.

Today, Powder Ridge is synonymous with winter fun, offering a wide variety of activities for all skill levels. From skiing and snowboarding to the exhilarating experience of snowtubing, guests can immerse themselves in a snowy wonderland. The Resort goes beyond traditional winter sports, providing personalized lessons, tempting treats like the famous Powder Ridge donuts at Ridgeview Kitchen, and delightful dining at Chester’s Bar & Grill. During the off-season, the Resort transforms into an exclusive event venue, hosting weddings and exciting summer events like “Party on the Patio.”

Powder Ridge

Reflecting on its journey, Powder Ridge boasts numerous milestones. Notable achievements include increasing the vertical height by 50 feet in 1991, a 12,000 square foot chalet expansion in 1996, a new maintenance shop in 2002, and the installation of a quad chair lift in 2022. The latest addition, a brand-new pump house in 2023, signifies the Resort’s commitment to continuous improvement.

Powder Ridge Ski Hill is not just a business; it’s an integral part of the local community. The Resort proudly employs locals from surrounding areas, becoming the first employer for many and the first ski experience for countless others. Hosting school day field trips, Powder Ridge strives to instill a lifelong love for winter sports in the younger generation.

Central to Powder Ridge’s operations is electricity, vital for making snow, operating chairlifts, running nighttime operations, and maintaining an inviting chalet.

Powder Ridge deeply values its partnership with Meeker Cooperative, recognizing the pivotal role played by a reliable electricity source.

This collaboration extends beyond mere association; it also reflects a shared commitment to responsible energy usage. The ski resort actively participates in Meeker Cooperative’s commercial and industrial interruptible program, demonstrating its dedication to energy conservation and the community. When demand on the power grid and wholesale energy prices skyrocket, Meeker Cooperative is able to call on Powder Ridge to reduce their load and they systematically deactivate various loads, like snow making, to meet a predetermined demand level. Over time this helps Meeker maintain reliable service and stable rates.

Powder Ridge has also taken advantage of energy efficiency rebates offered through the Cooperative to make improvements like installing high-efficiency compressors for snowmaking and an adjustable speed drive on the chair lift’s 100 HP motor.

From its humble beginnings to the present, Powder Ridge encapsulates a commitment to continuous improvement, community engagement, and responsible energy use. Powder Ridge’s reliance on electricity, backed by a partnership with Meeker Cooperative, underscores not only their operational efficiency but also a shared dedication to a thriving community. As this winter wonderland continues to evolve, it remains not just a ski hill but an enduring hub of timeless tradition that celebrates the magic of winter.

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