We want our members to stay safe and secure, so we will share stories to help people know what to do when receiving a potential scam.

One of our members received a call from a company claiming to be affiliated with Xcel Energy stating they were going to disconnect his electric service if he did not make a payment on his overdue electric bill.  This member said he already paid his bill and would not give in to their pressure tactics. The caller continued to state that if he did not pay the bill immediately they would be at his home between 4-5 pm to remove his meter. They gave him a bogus number to call (an 800 number) to appear that the call had validity.

Because the member would not feed into the panic that the caller was trying to create, this member avoided being scammed. Fortunately, this situation does not happen often in our service area, however, it does happen often throughout other parts of Minnesota.

If you have doubts about a call you are getting about your electric bill, hang up and call the Meeker Cooperative office at 320-693-3231.

Here are links to information on avoiding scams like these. 

Utility Shut-off Scams (state.mn.us)

Consumer's Guide to Imposter Utility Scams

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