Here are five savings tips for mid-summer.

Summer Energy-Saving Tip #1: Replace disposable air filters regularly. We recommend every 30-60 days. If you can see dirt in a filter, it’s likely 50% clogged.

Filter Replacement

Summer Energy-Saving Tip #2: Game consoles, computers and big screen TVs left on but unused produce nearly as much heat as they do when in use. Turn them off to reduce unwanted indoor heat.

Gaming Console

Summer Energy-Saving Tip #3: Replace incandescent bulbs with energy-saving LEDs!

Changing LED Bulb

Summer Energy-Saving Tip #4: Give your A/C a break and fire up the grill! Your oven or stove can raise your kitchen temp 5 to 10 degrees.

Outdoor Grill

Summer Energy-Saving Tip #5: Turn off lights and ceiling fans when you leave a room. #28-29-310

Flipping Light Switch
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