The debate over which is better, Fire TV, Roku, AppleTV, or Chromecast is similar to the Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge debate. They are all good, so it really comes down to what you like.

There are many other resources and you could spend hours reading articles and watching videos on the subject. Don’t get too hung up on which is the right one. It really comes down to three things: Your budget, the menu system, and the eco-system.


All brands, except Apple, have devices under $50. You can even get some with speaker systems for around the same price as the AppleTV. But if budget isn’t a concern, and you are into the Apple eco-system, then AppleTV might be right for you.


Each one approaches their menu structure a little differently, but they all have great menus. Once you get accustomed to it, it becomes second nature. Don’t be afraid to choose any one of these brands because all of their menus are intuitive.


Each one has its own eco-system, even the Roku, although Roku is the most open of any of them. FireTV is very Amazon-centric. AppleTV is very Apple-y. Chromecast centers around Google. This isn’t a bad thing, in fact, if you have an iPhone or iPad, then AppleTV would be a great choice. If you have a Google or Android phone, then Chromecast would be good. Those with an Amazon Prime account would fair well with the FireTV, and those not wanting to be tied to any of those eco-systems would choose Roku.

Each device has its pros and cons. Some devices offer more channels, some offer free premium content, and some offer exclusive shows. We put together some links with reviews to help you decide which streaming device might be right for you.

The future is Streaming and that future is now.

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