Since 1935, Meeker Cooperative Light and Power Assn. Light and Power Association has been providing reliable electricity for homes and businesses at very competitive rates. This tradition carries forward, as we continue to adopt new technologies and advancements in equipment that allow us to increase reliability and reduce response time to outages, while maintaining rates that are some of the lowest in the country.

Installing new service

When you contact Meeker Cooperative Light and Power Assn. for power, the following steps will be required to provide your electricity as quickly and efficiently as possible.


  • Complete the Application for Service
  • Agree to an identity check and soft credit check. If the credit check is negative, we require a $400 deposit, which will be held, accruing interest, until you move from Meeker’s service territory.
  • Have a meter socket installed by an electrician with an affidavit to Meeker Cooperative Light and Power Assn.
  • If an easement is required, easement must be returned and notarized
  • Construction costs must be paid before installation is scheduled

Installation will be within 10 days following completion of the above items. Excavation of the site should be completed and free access to the site is required for our large utility trucks and cable plows.